BNP: established cardiac biomarker for identification and severity of heart failure, as well as prognosis/monitoring.

6 Feb, 2018


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New. Anti-BNP Antibodies

Advanced ImmunoChemical announces three new monoclonal antibodies specific to BNP. BNP is an established cardiac biomarker and used as a diagnostic and prognostic marker of heart failure.

We now provide eight MAbs specific to BNP as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. New MAbs, 100cc, 130cc and 429cc for use in combination with our other Anti-BNP MAbs.

Table 1. Recommended MAb pairs for conventional BNP immunoassays.

Figure 2. Correlation 2 Commercial Assays with MAb Combination 57H3-429 and 540E1-130.

More details about our BNP products and performance data can be found at the Documents section Human proBNP, BNP, and NT-proBNP AssayNotes of our website.

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