Cardiac troponin I calibrator set

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    Antigens » Cardiac Markers » Troponin I and Troponin complex

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    Cardiac Markers » Antigens » Troponin I and Troponin complex
Cardiac troponin I calibrator set is intended for use as a reference and control material in clinical laboratory immunoassay of human cardiac troponin I.
Calibrators correspond to 0, 0.5, 1, 3, 10, 50, 100 ng/ml cardiac troponin I. Exact concentrations are indicated on each vial. Other range of concentrations can be prepared on the request.
Presented freeze-dried from solution of human native troponin complex (except for standard 0 ng/ml) in normal human serum.
Human native troponin complex purified from human cardiac muscle: blood sample from the tissue donor was tested and found negative for HBsAg, HCV and HIV 1 + 2 antibodies.
Human serum was tested and found negative for HBsAg, HCV and HIV 1 + 2 antibodies.
Storage Conditions:
Store unopened vials at -70 °C (between -65 and -80 °C allowed).
Before use, reconstitute each standard in 1 ml of distilled water to obtain the concentration of cardiac troponin I, which is indicated on vial.
After reconstitution:
1. the product is stable for 6 months, if stored -70 °C (between -65 and -80 °C allowed). Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
2. the product is stable for 4 weeks, if stored at + 4 °C (between +2 and +8 °C allowed), but only in the presence of additional preservatives (sodium azide, Kathon, ProClin, etc.)
Specific performance characteristic:
It is advised for each laboratory to establish its own mean and standard deviation for internal immunoassay of human cardiac troponin I. The indicated concentrations are served as guidelines in immunoassays, where certain specific components are used. The variations between laboratories may occur due to differences in laboratory technique, reagents, methods and instrumentation.
Warranty and limitation remedy:
Advanced ImmunoChemical, Inc. makes no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. Data provided with the product is only guideline on how the product may perform in your system. Since every diagnostic system depends on many reagents, it is impossible to predict with any accuracy how our product will react in your system.
Precautions of use:
Calibrators contain human blood components. As all blood derivatives should be considered aspotentially infectious, it is recommended that these reagents be handled using established good laboratory working practices.
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