Recombinant human troponin C skeletal muscle, isoform 2

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    Antigens » Neuroscience
    Antigens » Cardiac Markers » Troponin C

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    Neuroscience » Antigens
    Cardiac Markers » Antigens » Troponin C
Expressed in E. coli
160 a.a.r.
Theoretical molecular weight (calculated from the sequence) 18 122 Da.
Does not contain tags
Theoretical pI 4.06
Biochemical studies, mass hfsTnC standard, immunoassay standard and calibrator, immunogen for antibody production.
Purity > 90 % (SDS-PAGE). Apparent molecular weight by SDS-PAGE is about 18 000 Da.
Ion-exchange chromatography
Lyophilized from 20 mM Tris-HCl pH 7.5, 150 mМ KCl, 0.1 % 2-mercaptoethanol. It is recommended to reconstitute this product with deionized water, containing 0.1 % 2-mercaptoethanol, to its initial concentration.
Storage Conditions:
Lyophilized -20°C (-15 … -30 °C allowed)
Reconstituted -70°C (-65 … -80 °C allowed)
Other Information:
Avoid repeated freezing and thawing. It is recommended to aliquot the product after reconstitution.
Material safety note:
This product is sold for research use only. Standard Laboratory Practices should be followed when handling this material.
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