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Tissue kallikrein-modified human endothelial progenitor cell implantation improves cardiac function via enhanced activation of akt and increased angiogenesis

Y Yao, Z Sheng, Y Li, C Fu, G Ma, N Liu, J Chao… – Laboratory Investigation, 2013
Abstract Endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) have been shown to enhance angiogenesis not
only by incorporating into the vasculature but also by secreting cytokines, thereby serving as
an ideal vehicle for gene transfer. As tissue kallikrein (TK) has pleiotropic effects in

Antidepressant-like properties of oral riluzole and utility of incentive disengagement models of depression in mice

SL Gourley, JW Espitia, G Sanacora, JR Taylor – Psychopharmacology, 2012
Abstract Rationale The neuroprotective agent riluzole has antidepressant-like properties in
humans, but its mechanisms of action are unclear. Despite the increasing utility of transgenic
and knockout mice in addressing such issues, previous studies aimed at characterizing

Single low-dose un-adjuvanted HBsAg nanoparticle vaccine elicits robust, durable immunity

AA Lugade, DJ Bharali, V Pradhan, G Elkin… – … , Biology and Medicine, 2013
Abstract Chitosan nanoparticles were evaluated as a vaccine delivery system for hepatitis B
surface antigen (HBsAg) in the absence of adjuvant. Nano-encapsulated HBsAg (HBsAg
chitosan-NP) was endocytosed more rapidly and efficiently by dendritic cells compared to

Tau loss attenuates neuronal network hyperexcitability in mouse and Drosophila genetic models of epilepsy

JK Holth, VC Bomben, JG Reed, T Inoue, L Younkin… – The Journal of …, 2013
Abstract Neuronal network hyperexcitability underlies the pathogenesis of seizures and is a
component of some degenerative neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease (AD).
Recently, the microtubule-binding protein tau has been implicated in the regulation of

siRNA nanocarriers based on methacrylic acid copolymers

AE Felber, B Castagner, M Elsabahy, GF Deleavey… – Journal of controlled …, 2011
Poly (ethylene glycol)-b-poly (propyl methacrylate-co-methacrylic acid)(PEG-bP (PrMA-co-
MAA) can be complexed with poly (amido amine)(PAMAM) dendrimers and nucleic acids to
form pH-responsive nanosized core-shell type polyion complex micelles (PICMs). These

The orbitofrontal cortex regulates outcome‐based decision‐making via the lateral striatum

SL Gourley, A Olevska, KS Zimmermann, KJ Ressler… – European Journal of …, 2013
Abstract The orbitofrontal cortex (oPFC) sends substantial projections to the ventrolateral
striatum and aspects of the nucleus accumbens that are, functionally, poorly understood.
This is despite probable cortico-striatal involvement in multiple diseases such as addiction

Integrative effect of carvedilol and aerobic exercise training therapies on improving cardiac contractility and remodeling in heart failure mice

AS Vanzelli, A Medeiros, N Rolim, JB Bartholomeu… – PloS one, 2013
Abstract The use of β-blockers is mandatory for counteracting heart failure (HF)-induced
chronic sympathetic hyperactivity, cardiac dysfunction and remodeling. Importantly, aerobic
exercise training, an efficient nonpharmacological therapy to HF, also counteracts

Role of the transcription factor T (brachyury) in the pathogenesis of sporadic chordoma: a genetic and functional‐based study

N Presneau, A Shalaby, H Ye, N Pillay, D Halai… – The Journal of pathology, 2011
Abstract A variety of analyses, including fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH),
quantitative PCR (qPCR) and array CGH (aCGH), have been performed on a series of
chordomas from 181 patients. Twelve of 181 (7%) tumours displayed amplification of the T

Expression profile of NSDHL in human peripheral tissues

M Morimoto, C Du Souich, J Trinh, KW McLarren… – Journal of molecular …, 2012
Abstract NAD (P) steroid dehydrogenase-like (NSDHL) is an X-linked gene that encodes a
3β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase in the cholesterol biosynthetic pathway. Loss-of-function
mutations in NSDHL cause Congenital Hemidysplasia with Ichthyosiform erythroderma

Targeting activated Akt with GDC-0068, a novel selective Akt inhibitor that is efficacious in multiple tumor models

J Lin, D Sampath, MA Nannini, BB Lee, M Degtyarev… – Clinical Cancer Research, 2013
Results: GDC-0068 blocked Akt signaling both in cultured human cancer cell lines and in tumor
xenograft models as evidenced by dose-dependent decrease in phosphorylation of downstream
targets. Inhibition of Akt activity by GDC-0068 resulted in blockade of cell-cycle

MicroRNA profiling of peripheral nerve sheath tumours identifies miR-29c as a tumour suppressor gene involved in tumour progression

N Presneau, M Eskandarpour, T Shemais… – British journal of cancer, 2013
Background: Neurofibromatosis type 1 is one of the most common familial diseases, the
hallmark of which is the development of multiple neurofibromas. These are benign nerve
sheath tumours, which can transform into malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumours (

Baroreflex deficiency induces additional impairment of vagal tone, diastolic function and calcium handling proteins after myocardial infarction

C Mostarda, B Rodrigues, A Medeiros, ED Moreira… – American journal of …, 2014
Abstract Baroreflex dysfunction has been considered an important mortality predictor after
myocardial infarction (MI). However, the impact of baroreflex deficiency prior to MI on tonic
autonomic control and cardiac function, and on the profile of proteins associated with

Scopolamine rapidly increases mTORC1 signaling, synaptogenesis, and antidepressant behavioral responses

B Voleti, A Navarria, RJ Liu, M Banasr, N Li… – Biological psychiatry, 2013
Background Clinical studies report that scopolamine, an acetylcholine muscarinic receptor
antagonist, produces rapid antidepressant effects in depressed patients, but the
mechanisms underlying the therapeutic response have not been determined. The present

Altered TUBB3 expression contributes to the epothilone response of mitotic cells

E Narvi, K Jaakkola, S Winsel, C Oetken-Lindholm… – British journal of cancer, 2013
Background: Epothilones are a novel group of microtubule (mt) targeting cancer drugs that
bind to the β-subunit of the α β-tubulin dimer. Epothilones inhibit cell proliferation and induce
cell death by interfering with the normal mt function. In this study, we examined the

Tumour necrosis factor‐α and its receptors in the beneficial effects of vagal stimulation after myocardial infarction in rats

SS Kong, JJ Liu, TC Hwang, XJ Yu, Y Lu, WJ Zang – Clinical and Experimental …, 2011
SUMMARY 1. Acute myocardial infarction (AMI) often activates the sympathetic system and
inhibits the vagal system. Long-term vagal nerve stimulation (VNS) exerts several beneficial
effects on the ischaemic heart, including an anti-inflammatory effect. The aim of the

The EPI bioassay identifies natural compounds with estrogenic activity that are potent inhibitors of androgenic pathways in human prostate stromal and epithelial cells

G Vollmer, J Helle, H Amri, X Liu, JT Arnold – The Journal of steroid biochemistry …, 2012
The reactive stromal phenotype is an important factor for prostate cancer progression and
may be a new target for treatment and prevention. A new high efficiency preclinical protocol,
the EPI bioassay, reflects the interaction of endocrine, paracrine and immune,(EPI) factors

Evaluation of a high‐sensitivity assay for measurement of canine and feline serum cardiac troponin I

R Langhorn, JL Willesen, I Tarnow… – Veterinary Clinical …, 2013
Background Cardiac troponins are established as the gold standard biomarkers for acute
cardiac injury. As even small elevations of cardiac troponins have prognostic relevance in
people, it is important to investigate the performance of sensitive assays for use in

Sigma-1 receptor alters the kinetics of Kv1. 3 voltage gated potassium channels but not the sensitivity to receptor ligands

M Kinoshita, Y Matsuoka, T Suzuki, J Mirrielees, J Yang – Brain research, 2012
Sigma1 receptors (Sigma1R) are intracellular chaperone proteins that bind psychotropic
drugs and also clinically used drugs such as ketamine and haloperidol. Co-expression of
the Sigma1R has been reported to enhance the sensitivity of several voltage-gated ion

Ca2+ sensitization of cardiac myofilament proteins contributes to exercise training-enhanced myocardial function in a porcine model of chronic occlusion

V Sarin, M Muthuchamy, CL Heaps – American Journal of Physiology-Heart and …, 2011
Abstract Exercise training has been shown to improve cardiac dysfunction in both patients
and animal models of coronary artery disease; however, the underlying cellular and
molecular mechanisms have not been completely understood. We hypothesized that

Rapid and sensitive detection of troponin ITC complex from human serum using microwave-accelerated metal-enhanced fluorescence

K Aslan – Nano biomedicine and engineering, 2011
Abstract We present the rapid and sensitive detection of Troponin ITC (Tn ITC) complex from
buffer and human serum samples using Microwave-Accelerated and Metal-Enhanced
Fluorescence (MA-MEF) technique, which is based on the combined use of low power

Human monoclonal antibodies to sialyl-Lewisa (CA19. 9) with potent CDC, ADCC, and antitumor activity

R Sawada, SM Sun, X Wu, F Hong, G Ragupathi… – Clinical Cancer Research, 2011
Purpose: The carbohydrate antigen sialyl-Lewis a (sLe a), also known as CA19. 9, is widely
expressed on epithelial tumors of the gastrointestinal tract and breast and on small-cell lung
cancers. Since overexpression of sLe a appears to be a key event in invasion and

Systemic gene delivery in large species for targeting spinal cord, brain, and peripheral tissues for pediatric disorders

AK Bevan, S Duque, KD Foust, PR Morales, L Braun… – Molecular Therapy, 2011
Abstract Adeno-associated virus type 9 (AAV9) is a powerful tool for delivering genes
throughout the central nervous system (CNS) following intravenous injection. Preclinical
results in pediatric models of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and lysosomal storage

Molecular imaging of mesenchymal stem cell mechanistic insight into cardiac repair after experimental myocardial infarction

J Wang, A Najjar, S Zhang, B Rabinovich… – Circulation: Cardiovascular …, 2012
Background—Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) can differentiate into endothelial cells in
vivo. However, it is unknown if the differentiated MSCs persist in vivo and if this potential
persistence contributes to functional improvement after experimental myocardial infarction.

Rapid and sensitive detection of troponin I in human whole blood samples by using silver nanoparticle films and microwave heating

K Aslan, TAJ Grell – Clinical chemistry, 2011
BACKGROUND: Cardiovascular diseases are among the leading causes of mortality in
developed countries. It is widely recognized that troponin I (TnI) can be used for the
assessment of a myocardial infarction. METHODS: We investigated the use of the

Mesenchymal stromal cell ciliogenesis is abrogated in response to tumor necrosis factor-α and requires NF-κB signaling

A Vézina, E Vaillancourt-Jean, S Albarao, B Annabi – Cancer letters, 2014
Abstract The primary cilium is a cell surface-anchored sensory organelle which expression
is lost in hypoxic cancer cells and during mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC) adaptation to
low oxygen levels. Since pro-inflammatory cues are among the early events which

Time-dependent degradation pattern of cardiac troponin T following myocardial infarction

EPM Cardinaels, AMA Mingels, T van Rooij… – Clinical chemistry, 2013
BACKGROUND: Cardiac troponin T (cTnT) is widely used for the diagnosis of acute
myocardial infarction (AMI). However, it is still unclear whether degraded cTnT forms
circulate in the patient’s blood. We therefore aimed to elucidate which cTnT forms are

Cytoskeletal determinants of stimulus-response habits

SL Gourley, A Olevska, J Gordon, JR Taylor – The Journal of Neuroscience, 2013
Abstract Both humans and rodents can learn to associate specific actions with their
outcomes, but with repeated performance or exposure to pathological stimuli, such as drugs
of abuse, behaviors assume stimulus-elicited, or “habitual,” qualities. Psychostimulants

Exercise ameliorates the detrimental effect of chloroquine on skeletal muscles in mice via restoring autophagy flux

D Jiang, K Chen, X Lu, H Gao, Z Qin, F Lin – Acta pharmacologica Sinica, 2014
Aim: To study the roles of autophagy in muscle establishment during long-term exercise in
mice. Methods: Female ICR mice were submitted to exercise training with a wheel running
regimen: 6 m/min, 15 min/time, 3 times/d (on 8: 00, 14: 00, and 20: 00), 5 d/week for 2

Lentivirally mediated GSK-3β silencing in the hippocampal dentate gyrus induces antidepressant-like effects in stressed mice

N Omata, CT Chiu, PR Moya, Y Leng, Z Wang… – International Journal of …, 2011
Abstract Inhibition of glycogen synthase kinase-3 (GSK-3) by pharmacological tools can
produce antidepressant-like effects in rodents. However, the GSK-3 isoform (s) and brain
region (s) involved in regulating these behavioural effects remain elusive. We studied the

PKCδ activation mediates angiogenesis via NADPH oxidase activity in PC‐3 prostate cancer cells

J Kim, T Koyanagi, D Mochly‐Rosen – The Prostate, 2011
BACKGROUND PKCδ is generally known as a pro-apoptotic and anti-proliferative enzyme
in human prostate cancer cells. METHODS Here, we investigated the role of PKCδ on the
growth of PC-3 human prostate cancer cells in vivo and in vitro. RESULTS We found that

Baroreflex sensitivity impairment is associated with cardiac diastolic dysfunction in rats

C Mostarda, IC Moraes-Silva, ED Moreira, A Medeiros… – Journal of cardiac failure, 2011
Background Studies have shown that the autonomic dysfunction accompanied by impaired
baroreflex sensitivity was associated with higher mortality. However, the influence of
decreased baroreflex sensitivity on cardiac function, especially in diastolic function, is not

Glutamate N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonists rapidly reverse behavioral and synaptic deficits caused by chronic stress exposure

N Li, RJ Liu, JM Dwyer, M Banasr, B Lee, H Son, XY Li… – Biological psychiatry, 2011
BACKGROUND: Despite widely reported clinical and preclinical studies of rapid
antidepressant actions of glutamate N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor antagonists,
there has been very little work examining the effects of these drugs in stress models of

Inhibiting the interaction of cMET and IGF-1R with FAK effectively reduces growth of pancreatic cancer cells in vitro and in vivo

DA Ucar, AT Magis, DH He, NJ Lawrence, SM Sebti… – Anti-cancer agents in …, 2013
Abstract Pancreatic cancer is one of the most lethal diseases with no effective treatment.
Previously, we have shown that FAK is overexpressed in pancreatic cancer and plays a key
role in cancer cell survival and proliferation. FAK has been shown to interact with growth

Sustained inhibition of PKCα reduces intravasation and lung seeding during mammary tumor metastasis in an in vivo mouse model

J Kim, SH Thorne, L Sun, B Huang, D Mochly-Rosen – Oncogene, 2011
Abstract Metastasis is the major reason for breast cancer-related deaths. Although there is a
host of indirect evidence for a role of protein kinase C (PKC) α in primary breast cancer
growth, its role in the molecular pathways leading to metastasis has not been studied

C-reactive protein and substance use disorders in adolescence and early adulthood: A prospective analysis

EJ Costello, WE Copeland, L Shanahan… – Drug and alcohol …, 2013
Background Dysregulated immune function and elevated inflammation markers are seen in
adults with chronic diseases, including some psychiatric disorders, but evidence on
inflammation in the case of drug abuse is conflicting. Objective To test the concurrent and

Mice lacking the galanin gene show decreased sensitivity to nicotine conditioned place preference

NM Neugebauer, RM Henehan, CA Hales… – … Biochemistry and Behavior, 2011
Previous work has indicated that the neuropeptide galanin decreases sensitivity to the
rewarding effects of morphine and cocaine, but increases alcohol drinking. The aim of the
current study was to examine the role of galanin signaling in nicotine reward by testing the

New Imaging Strategies for Prostate Cancer

W Heston – 2010
Abstract: Imaging prostate cancer could be desirable from the perspective of helping tell
where the tumor is, which can also aid the choice of therapeutic approaches and as a
means to quantitate the results of therapy. Best would be the availability of low molecular

neural cells comprising a neuroblast and a nestin-positive neural cell; for treating neuronal disorders

FH Gage, J Ray – US Patent 7,732,201, 2010
A method for producing a neuroblast and a cellular composition comprising an enriched
population of neuroblast cells is provided. Also disclosed are methods for identifying
compositions which affect neuroblasts and for treating a subject with a neuronal disorder,

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