Monoclonal mouse anti- cardiac troponin I (cTnI)

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    Monoclonal antibodies » Veterinary » Other animal specific antibodies
    Monoclonal antibodies » Cardiac Markers » Troponin I and Troponin complex

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    Veterinary » Monoclonal antibodies » Other animal specific antibodies
    Cardiac Markers » Monoclonal antibodies » Troponin I and Troponin complex

Alternatives in vitro!
Please note that MAbs M155cc, 19C7cc, 16A12cc, 16A11cc and MF4cc are also available as in vitro produced products under Cat.# 2-Tic-cc. For immunoassays utilizing of these MAbs, we recommend selecting the in vitro produced product.

C5, 4C2, 19C7, 16A11, 3C7, P4-14G5, M155, M46, MF4, 16A12, P4-9F6, 228, 625, 458, 267, 596, 84, 415, 581, 10F4, 247, 560, 17F3, p45-10
New MAbs: 916, 909, 820, 810, 801
Hybridoma clones have been derived from hybridization of Sp2/0 myeloma cells with spleen cells of Balb/c mice immunized with free human cTnI, native human cTn complex, or human cTnI peptides.

For epitope specificity see the printable version. None of the MAbs (except M46, 267, 596, and C5) cross-react with skeletal muscle troponin I. Cross-reactivity with skeletal troponin I is less than 10% for MAbs M46, 267 and 596, and more than 50% for MAbs C5.  MAb 247 reacts only with free cardiac troponin I.
MAb Isotypes:
IgG1 for MAbs 16A11, 3C7, P4-14G5, M155, M46, MF4, P4-9F6, 228, 625, 560, 596, 16A12, 415, 84, 581, 247, 17F3, p45-10, 909, 810, 820
IgG2a for MAbs 4C2,  267, 10F4 IgG2b for MAbs 19C7 and C5
IgG3 for MAbs 916, 801
IgM for MAb 458

Cardiac troponin I immunoassay; cardiac troponin I immunoprecipitation, immunohistochemistry, immunoaffinity purification.
All MAbs work in Western blotting. For better sensitivity in Western blotting we recommend using MAbs 19C7, 16A11 and MF4.
Recommended pairs for quantitative sandwich immunoassay (capture – detection): 625 – 19C7, 560 – 458.
Best pairs: 19C7 – 16A11, 560 – 19C7
MAbs 801, 810, 820, 909 and 916 work well as capture MAbs with MAb 19C7 as detection MAb.
Antibody combinations for quantitative sandwich immunoassay:
MF4 + 560 (mixture for coating) – 19C7 + 267 (mixture for detection)
19C7 + MF4 (mixture for coating) – 7B9 (anti-TnC MAb; Cat. #2-TnC-h)

Chromatography on protein A Sepharose
PBS, pH 7.4, 0.1 % sodium azide (NaN3)
Storage Conditions:
+ 4 °C
Material Safety Note:
This product is sold as an antibody preparation for research use only. Standard Laboratory Practices should be followed when handling this material.
Contains sodium azide (0.1 %) as preservative. Although the amount of sodium azide is very small appropriate care must be taken when handling this product.
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